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Maaco & Align Life Ministries

Maaco & Align Life Ministries


Maaco is a body shop that is here to either handle your insurance and make your vehicle drivable or do some modifications for you on your car to create a personalized, unique design on your vehicle. Maaco is known as America’s #1 auto paint and collision repair provider that is here to help you and your car.


Non-Profit- Align Life Ministries

Align Life Ministries align with God to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and champion the sacredness of human life through pregnancy services, strategic partnerships and equipping resources. When it comes to their main focus, pregnancy, they are here to help you through your decision of putting the baby up for adoption, abortion, or keeping the baby. They provide classes for parenting or are simply here for you in the long run with your decision.

Hosted At: 131 S 8th St, Lebanon, PA 17042