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50/50 Program

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Support charitable causes with the Lancaster Barnstormers - and possibly take home half of our jackpot - by purchasing your 50/50 Raffle ticket at every Lancaster Barnstormers home game!

Tickets may be purchased in two different ways while visiting Clipper Magazine Stadium during each Lancaster Barnstormers game. Fans may purchase tickets at the 50/50 kiosk, which is located at the front gates. Additionally, fans may purchase tickets throughout the game from their seat from a 50/50 vendor walking around the seating bowl. Raffle tickets will be sold from the time gates open until the seventh inning. The winning ticket number will be announced at the end of each night or series inside the stadium & posted on this page. Winners do not need to be present to win & have thirty (30) days to claim their prize!


May 2nd: A-6354931

May 3rd: A-2862104

May 4th: A-1053004

May 5th: A-6607002

May 6th: A-9698181

May 7th: A-5304938

May 16th: A-5092707

May 17th: A-7310053

May 18th: A-6633543

May 19th: A-6295805

May 20th: A-1776465

May 21st: A-7247150

June 2nd: A-1643189

June 3rd: A-5766646

June 4th: A-4090872

June 6th: A-6934778

June 8th: A-2670320

June 16th: A-4440083

June 17th: A-3281025

June 18th: A-3737808

June 20th: A-3975737

June 21st: A-3077484

June 22nd: A-2958275

June 24th: A-4220826

June 25th: A-7957373

July 1st: A-1208523

July 4th: A-8517293

July 5th: A-5586884

July 6th: A-7268944

July 7th: A-4417356

July 8th: A-8956989

July 9th: A-3976215

July 14th: A-4144712

July 15th: A-4097261

July 16th: A-8532216

July 18th: A-2001156

July 19th: A-1937489

July 20th: A-6025045

July 28th: Rolled to 7/29

July 29th: A-1078869

August 1st: A-5625478

August 2nd: A-7946381

August 3rd: A-6546310

August 11th: A-2871802

August 12th: A-2023832

August 13th: A-6919608

August 15th: A-6666609

August 16th: A-4657133

August 17th: A-8365238

August 25th: A-6840701

August 26th: A-4336607

August 27th: A-5752506

August 29th: A-6986761

August 30th: A-8484373

August 31st: A-4490813

September 5th: A-7147188

September 6th: A-4392305

September 12th: A-4112486

September 13th: A-4739488

September 14th: A-1134389

September 15th: A-5350218

September 16th: A-5018554

September 19th: A-2387532

September 20th: A-3220840

September 26th: A-3302501

September 27th: A-8844279


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