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50/50 Program

Support charitable causes with the Lancaster Barnstormers - and possibly take home half of our jackpot - by purchasing your 50/50 Raffle ticket at every Lancaster Barnstormers home game!

Tickets may be purchased in two different ways while visiting Clipper Magazine Stadium during each Lancaster Barnstormers game. Fans may purchase tickets at the 50/50 kiosk, which is located at the front gates. Additionally, fans may purchase tickets throughout the game from their seat from a 50/50 vendor walking around the seating bowl. Raffle tickets will be sold from the time gates open until the seventh inning. The winning ticket number will be announced at the end of each night or series inside the stadium & posted on this page. Winners do not need to be present to win & have thirty (30) days to claim their prize!


April 29th: A-85018

APRIL 30th: A-19028

May 1st: A – 70570

May 10th: A-15774

May 11th: A-55923

May 12th: A-58783

May 13th: A-18700

May 14th: A-49726

May 15th: A-53187

May 24th: A-40152

May 25th: A-10753

May 26th: A-26906

May 27th: A-67208

May 28th: A-82010

May 29th: A-23554

May 30th: A-15332

June 3rd: A-99765

June 4th: A-20896

June 5th: A-66149

June 7th: A-87090

June 9th: A-51989

June 10th: A-65415

June 11th: A-16917

June 12th: A-30094

June 14th: A-24740

June 15th: A-56957

June 16th: A-67533

July 1st: A-3892091

July 2nd: A-4901876

July 3rd: A-8057675

July  6th: A-1964507

July 7th: A-7207703

July 8th: A-4569906

July 9th: A-1212723

July 10th: A-2653099

July 12th: A-3836432

July 13th: A-2657051

July 14th: A-2636895

July 15th: A-5320590

July 16th: A-1726194

July 17th: A-8145268

July 19th: A-1081884

July 20th: A-3129771

July 21st: A-3579418

July 26th: A-8289612

July 27th: A-3663224

July 28th: A-7596424

August 5th: A-8235112

August 6th: A-6035267

August 7th: A-2806133

August 9th: A-1292668

August 10th: A-7600810

August 11th: A-8117309

August 12th: A-7450759

August 13th: A-5386261

August 14th: A-7489501

August 23th: A-7581325

August 24th: A-7888439

August 25th: A-6089197

September 13th: A-4855813 

September 14th: A-5909232

September 15th: A-4570301

September 16th: A-2235628

September 17th: A-2383763

September 18th: A-9387693

September 20th: A-4865051

September 21st: A-8268595

September 30Th: A-7635824


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