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Barnstormers Reading Program

Read for Rewards

This FREE program is designed to help encourage and reward students for reading outside of their normal classroom curriculum.

We will supply students with a special Barnstormers bookmark to track their reading progress. Students are asked to read and accumulate books or minutes read. Goals for each class or individual student may be set by the teacher or reading specialist.

As students read, they simply enter time/books read on their bookmark and have a teacher or parent/guardian initial their progress.
Upon completion of set goals, students will earn a FREE ticket to one of the Barnstormers Reading Night games. Participating students also will be recognized on the field with a special pre-game ceremonial parade and a certificate of participation.

Teachers-as a thank you for participating, you’ll receive one FREE ticket to the game, too.

Parents and family members may purchase additional tickets for a special price ($6 each).

Reading with the Barnstormers Nights are

Friday, May 13 (gates open at 5:30 pm)
Saturday, May 14 (gates open at 5:30 pm)
Sunday, May 15 (gates open at Noon)


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